Samsung Galaxy tab – boot animations.

9 06 2011

Custom boot animation on Samsung Galaxy tab?

When I got my Galaxy tab, among the first thing I did, was to root it, simply because I wanted to “root around” and see what was there.
Later on, I went one step further, and installed the Gingerbread (2.3.3) on it, and i had been looking at having a custom boot animation on the thing, as i wanted to “brand it” my own way.
I found the Samsung 2.3.3 release from and installed it on the tab using Odin.

Much to my dismay, I had found that Samsung uses a custom format – .QMG, which literally nobody knows what it is, apart from Samsung and their suppliers.

However, shame on giving up.
After looking for solutions on the net, and ending up with zilch, I decided to have a closer look at the init.rc script that brings up the system, and it did give me a few ideas.
I started off with testing the commands manually, after connecting to the tab with a SSH client (install sshdroid – you want to do this, as you need to send CTRL C to break out of the boot animation while testing), and I found a simple solution to get it working.

Yes, you CAN have a bog standard boot animation on your tab!

[EDIT] Now, this MIGHT work on the 2.2 version as well, but i have not tried.  [/EDIT]

First – Your device MUST be rooted.

Secondly – the disclaimer -
You do all or any of the things below, at your own risk. If you mess it up, don’t blame me, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.
If you mess anything up, or something else decides to break, the brick is yours to keep – you did it – not me =)

Seriously, worst case scenario would be having to do a few adb lines or to re-flash a few files on the tab, and it will be working again.

So, let’s get started and get custom boot animations working on the thing!

First off, we need to get root acess, so just do, once connected to the ssh server;


and allow the shell superuser access.

Following this, we want to make the system partition writeable.

mount -o remount rw /system

Then, we want to place ourselves in the correct folder.

cd /system/media

Now, to get rid of the Samsung boot branding,  we need to rename a few files, you might want to keep them on the tab, just in case you want them back..

mv bootani.qmg bootani.qmg_X
mv bootstill.qmg bootstill.qmg_X
mv samsungani.qmg samsungani.qmg_X

Next, we need to drag in the boot animation you want, and have placed on the SD card (internal memory).

cp /sdcard/

Now, if you want, you can test it by typing “bootanimation“.

To get out of it, as it will loop indefinitely, you have to press CTRL C.
If you want to change the boot animation, just copy in another one, and test it as above.

Once you are happy, do the following.

mount -o remount ro /system

Now, it is time to view it – restart your tab, and the Samsung boot animation should be gone, and your new shiny standard format boot animation be in place instead!

How to make your own boot animation file??


1. Create PNG images for your animation.
Make sure they are the same size as your devices screen.

2. Rename those PNG images starting with a 5 digit number for the first frame and ascending for each consecutive frame.
It is preferred that the pictures are saved as 8-bit PNG.
Create a folder named “part0″ and an optional folder named “part1″.
Place your animation images in the “part0″ folder.

The images in part1 folder should start where the last image in part0 folder has ended.

For example the original boot animation in your droid phone has images from 480_427_00000.PNG to 480_427_00075.PNG in part0 folder and 480_427_00076.PNG to 480_427_00091.PNG in part1 folder.

The images in part0 folder is played once, and the images in part1 is played in a looped manner.

3. Create a custom “desc.txt” and add the following in it.

480 427 30p 1 0 part0p 0 0 part1

Here’s what the parameters means:

480 Stretched width of the animation.
427 Stretched height of the animation.
30p This controls the speed of the animation (both parts).
1        Defines how many times the part0 is looped.
0        Not used.
part0p – folder containing the first animation.
0        Number of times the second folder is looped. (0 = infinite)
0        Not used.
part1 – folder containing the second animation.

4. Place part0, part1 and desc.txt in a folder renamed as ‘bootanimation’.
Zip the folder (using an archiving utility such as 7Zip).
Set the ‘Compression level’ setting to ‘store’ (which means no compression), before you archive.
Compression will make it unreadable for your android.

5. Copy file from your PC to your SDCard root.

6.  Mount file system read/write

mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

7. Now copy the file from your SDcard to your phone’s memory.

cp /sdcard/ /system/media/

Enjoy your custom boot look!

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2 responses

27 07 2011

Is it possible to install a new bootanimation in the Sprint Galaxy Tab running 2.3.4 Gingerbread?

27 07 2011

Android being android, and only minor differencies between 2.3.3 and 2.3.4, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.
Now, Samsung or Sprint may have done something extremely stupid here, but if you got it rooted, and the folders looks similar, I doubt it.
Please remember – as always with any rooting, be careful, and don’t blame me if you break something! :-D


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